About Sunshine Hospital

We are a multi-speciality hospital located in South Goa and we strive to become globally acclaimed as a center of medical excellence.

We started in June 2020, and are proud to say that we have some of Goa's finest doctors and medical expertise. We are also well equipped and experienced to handle emergencies.

We have a panel of well-qualified and well-experienced doctors who provide consultation in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Acidity and Pain Management, Diabetology & Cardiology, Orthopaedic care, Skincare, Nutrition and Mental well-being.

Our other specialities include Laparoscopic surgeries, Hiatal surgery for Acidity Control, Stapler surgery for Haemorrhoids, Gastro-intestinal surgeries, Ano-rectal and Hernia surgeries and treatment for piles, fistula, varicose veins, fissures and pilonidal sinuses.

In this short time, we have developed unmatched trust with the people whose lives we have touched based on a strong foundation that includes advanced technologies, the best medical expertise, research, and most importantly empathy. We are very happy to say that, we serve patients from all walks and strata of life.

We believe that ‘Good Health is the greatest wealth’ and want to promote wellness and well-being. Our approach and attitude has always been to be empathetic towards the needs of our patients along with using technology to make surgeries less painful; which truly reflects the essence of our motto “Compassion and Excellence”.